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Understanding Learning Disability
UnderstandingLearning Disability

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  • General health needs
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Hampshire County Council – Public Health Page 
Health Needs Assessment of Adults with Learning Disabilities in Hampshire

Adults with learning disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups in society and inequalities in care can lead to increased premature deaths. Improving the lives of adults with learning disabilities has become a national priority.

The Health Needs Assessment brings together a range of intelligence on the health of people with a learning disability and the particular risk factors that they experience.

Recommendations are provided to continue improvements and direct focus to the areas of health and care that are needed most for people with learning disabilities.  A useful presentation is also included.

Look at the bottom of the page for the link to the pdf about Learning Disabilities Needs Assessment.

Your Health

General Information

Flu vaccinations - Information from the Learning Disabilities Health Intelligence Network

People with learning disabilities and those who care for them are entitled to a free flu vaccination.

  • People with learning disabilities are more likely to become seriously ill or die if they get the flu  
  • The current mortality review into the deaths of people with a learning disabilities reported this year that 31% of deaths investigated had an underlying respiratory cause

Importantly, paid carers who are employed by a registered care provider are eligible for a free flu vaccination this year, as well as primary family carers. If carers have the vaccination this improves protection for the people they care for.


Weight watchers – what is your experience?


Weight Watchers are currently the service that Hampshire County Council commission to provide free weight loss support for those with a BMI over 30. The Strategic Health Facilitators are starting a project about how to make Weight Watchers (WW) more accessible for people with learning disabilities.


The project will include the WW coaches having learning disability awareness training and the materials they use being in easy read format. 


The Facilitators want to know if there is demand for WW meetings to be held in places that people with learning disabilities may find more supportive such as day services. Also to find out if there are any service users who have had experience of using WW and how it was for them. Equally if anyone has wanted to attend WW but has not and why this was? This information could be really useful in making sure people can access the WW service.


Replies please to
Amy George, Strategic Health Facilitator, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust


Annual Health Checks - information available!


An Annual Health check is available and recommended for anyone who has a learning disability. All the GP surgeries in our area have agreed to offer annual Health checks. GPs are paid to provide them.

If you would like information about what the Annual Health Check should include, there are leaflets to answer your questions. We can send you these leaflets by email if you send us an email requesting them.

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