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Understanding Learning Disability
UnderstandingLearning Disability

Projects 2019

We will be working on our entry into next year's carnival taking place in June. The theme will be Children's Television!


Projects 2018 and earlier...

Some of our successful projects during the last couple of years have included:

  • ETC – Exploring Theatre Craft
  • Chinese Cultural Festival


Exploring Theatre Craft

Funded by Grants for the Arts in 2016, it offered seven events with our partners at the Nuffield Theatre. Participants were able to learn about acting and the theatre with the opportunity to practice drama in workshops, see professional performances and what happens back stage.


Exploring Theatre Craft (Event 7)

Dancing the Death Drill - The Loss of SS Mendi

Exploring Theatre Craft Workshop: Dancing the Death Drill Exploring Theatre Craft Workshop: Dancing the Death Drill
Exploring Theatre Craft - The loss of SS Mendi Exploring Theatre Craft - The loss of SS Mendi


Our partnership with the Nuffield Theatre Southampton came to an end this July with our final event of the project, Exploring Theatre Craft. This project has run since 2016 and was funded by Grants for the Arts.


The fabulous Isango Ensemble...

We were very privileged to have a dance, singing and movement workshop with some of the cast of the show, Dancing the Death Drill. The cast were from Cape Town in South Africa and were members of the ISANGO Ensemble. They are the most fabulous dancers and singers!

We had a walk in Andrews Park behind the theatre after our workshop to cool down, then dinner at The Spitfire pub and we returned to the theatre to see our new friends performing in Dancing the Death Drill. This was a very touching show and has provided lots of discussion topics.


On 21 February 2018, 26 people went to the new NST City Theatre in Southampton to see the new play, Shadow Factory.


Written by local playwright, Howard Brenton, the play is about the covert construction of the Spitfire in World War II after the Super Marine Factory at Woolston had been bombed.


Our event included a back stage and theatre tour, exhibition about the show, an hilarious drama workshop, pub dinner at The Spitfire pub nearby and the evening show.


Members loved the warm welcome from staff who they know well now. They were impressed by the design of the new theatre and creative spaces. Definitely a night for us to remember.

ETC Event Six - Shadow Factory ETC Event Six - Shadow Factory
ETC Event Six - Shadow Factory - Spitfire ETC Event Six - Shadow Factory - Spitfire

Chinese Cultural Festivals

The Organiser of the Chinese Festivals in 2015, 2016 and 2017 has now moved to China. We will not be hosting a Festival in 2018 or 2019.


Chinese Cultural Festival - 27 October 2017 - Pavilion on the Park

Starting, this time, with a traditional Dragon Dance! Performances and workshops will lead you on a lovely Chinese culgural Journey.


Please tell your friends about this great event! More details on the poster...


Chinese Festival 2017 Poster
Chinese Festival 2017 poster.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [156.6 KB]


This annual project, a day of Chinese cultural workshops and performance art for disabled adults, is organised by the Confucious Institute at the University of Southampton. The performances include aditional Chinese Lion Dance Chinese music, folk dancing, a Chinese historical costume show, a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony followed by a variety of Chinese cultural workshop.


There are opportunities for people to try out paper cutting art, playing Mah Jong, lucky knot tying, dressing up in Chinese costumes, learning Mandarin, seeing the tea making ceremony and tasting Chinese food. The staff and students talk to everyone about their skills and talents, and many participants are keen to join in with the activities and often take souvenirs of the day away with them.


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