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Understanding Learning Disability
UnderstandingLearning Disability

Eastleigh Hot Shots Basketball Club!

"A big Thank You to Magic Little Grants which has provided a grant to employ our basketball coach for one year. Magic Little Grants are administered by Localgiving and the Postcode Community Trust"


Michelle, May 2019

Eastleigh Hot Shots Basketball Club provides regular physical exercise, competitive opportunities, personal challenges and fun for a group of adults with learning disabilities through basketball.


Suitable for all abilities, it is a great place to get fit and have fun. Come along and join us.


We have been running the basketball club since 2014 when the Council’s financial support was withdrawn.


Sessions last for one hour, take place once a fortnight, in Fair Oak on Saturday morning.

The cost is £3.50 per session.


Contact Michelle if you would like to try a session of basketball. Leave your name and phone number on our office voice mail. (023 8048 3471)

Julia Tucker-Blackford, our new Basketball coach Julia Tucker-Blackford, our new Basketball coach

Our new coach, Julia Tucker-Blackford

We are delighted to introduce Julia Tucker Blackford, our new coach at Eastleigh Hot Shots. Julia has been getting to know our members and is working on improving peoples’ existing skills and teaching them new ones.


Her sessions are great fun, with a warm up, games, exercises and drills and a short highly competitive match at the end of the session. Our sessions provide a good work-out for members once a fortnight.


Our club members are very faithful and rarely miss a session but we would also welcome new members – beginners or improvers!


Julia has a long career in basketball, she started playing at school, joined an Under 19s England programme and played for a number of London Teams including London Towers and Barking & Dagenham Team. She played for England Women at the age of 25.


She has been coaching for over 30 years and has experience at various levels – Regional South Ladies team and the London League. She now also assists with Team Solent Kestrels and has two daughters, both playing in National League and South Regional teams.

Goodbye Alan!


We were very sorry to say Goodbye to our long term and very brilliant basketball coach, Alan Cunningham, at the end of September 2018.


Ex Harlem Globetrotters Alan Cunningham, Hot Shots Coach Ex Harlem Globetrotters Alan Cunningham, Hot Shots Coach


Alan Cunningham is a hugely inspiring and energetic man with great experience of working with vulnerable groups of people. His sessions are dynamic, challenging but also enormous fun for the participants.


New members from the Borough of Eastleigh or from Romsey are welcome but should contact the EBR MENCAP office for details of times.

In May 2014 we took over the running of The Basketball Club that had been funded by EDLAG for the past ten years. The Club meets once a fortnight on alternate Saturdays to the Walking Group

Basketball practice at Wyvern Sports Hall

Eastleigh Hot Shots - Will performing a perfect jump shot Will performing a perfect jump shot


At each session, members practice their throwing, catching and dribbling skills. They all take turns in shooting and support and encourage each other. They take part in a number of short drills and then spend the final 25 minutes playing a game. The teams change each week but there is great camaraderie and people are given encouragement for their efforts.


Eastleigh Hot Shots Eastleigh Hot Shots
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