Understanding Learning Disability
UnderstandingLearning Disability

Flagship Art Club

Our Art Club in West End which started at the end of January 2015 is for people who have a real interest in art and in improving their skills. Club members are expected to focus on the artistic tasks that the group are set by our tutor, Caroline Rackham. All who have a serious interest in art are welcome.The cost for the Club is £5 per session; this includes tuition, refreshments and all materials.


Please contact Michelle on 023 8048 3471 or by email (ebr.mencap@ntlworld.com), if you wish to attend.


Our services are open to anyone with a learning disability who lives in the borough of Eastleigh or in Romsey.

Our constitution limits the offer of our services to people with learning disabilities living in this geographical area. Much of our funding is raised locally for the benefit of local people with learning disabilities.


Flagship Art Club 2018 Flagship Art Club 2018
Flagship Art Club Exhibition 2019 Flagship Art Club Exhibition 2019

Flagship Art Club Exhibition 2019

This year’s Exhibition was held at the Coffee Morning on 2 April so that more people could see our work.


Our artists produced another stunning collection of work from their meetings over the last eighteen months.


There are eleven members and each person has developed an individual style.


The exhibition showcased individual pieces but also work completed collaboratively by the whole group.


Carnival 2018

Winners all round - Most Imaginative and Best Overall categories

First prize – Best Over All The Village People & friends at West End Carnival June 2018 First prize – Best Over All The Village People & friends at West End Carnival June 2018


Carnival Project 2018 - Prize Giving...

The Theme of the West End Carnival was the Music of the 60s, 70s and 80s and our entry was the Village People. We were presented with the huge cup and certificates as our prizes this year. We came first in the Most Imaginative Category and also first in the Best Overall category. Winners all round, roll on next year!


...the Best Ever!

Our Carnival Project this year was our most successful. The Theme of the West End Carnival was the Music of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

We were fortunate to get a grant to allow us to work with International Carnival artist, Ray Mahabir of Sunshine International Arts from Brixton.


Village People and Friends..."YMCA"

Our entry was “The Village People & friends”. Eleven people made Village People costumes over a five week period and learned about Carnival and its meaning. More people joined us on the day for the procession and supporter Chris provided music ("YMCA" – what else?) so that we could all sing and dance along to the song.


Many of the crowd were also doing the arm actions for "YMCA" as we went past which was great to see. It was a good day for us all and we hope we helped to raise lots of money for local charities. 

West End Carnival 2018 - Double First! West End Carnival 2018 - Double First!
West End Carnival 2018 - Village People! West End Carnival 2018 - Village People!
Flagship Art Club Christmas Tree project The design stage - no clues here as to how the tree will be built

St James's Church Christmas Tree Festival

Flagship Art Club members' 1950s Christmas Tree!


St James Church, Church Hill, West End, SO30 3LT. Go along to see the Flagship Art Club members’ designed Christmas Tree!


The Flagship Art Club members worked hard throughout November thinking about the “1950’s Christmas” theme they had chosen. They used old sheet music books to supply material for the “Make do and mend” idea, making mouse ladders and linked paper chains. The result was beautiful!

The trees in the festival were in the church over a weekend in early December for the public to admire.


Flagship Art Club 3rd Annual Exhibition 2016 - Zebra Crossing

Flagship Art Club members were pleased to welcome the Mayor of Eastleigh and his wife to their third annual exhibition at Centenary Hall on 3 November. The event went well with many friends and family members coming along to support our artists. Their work was well received and several pictures sold.


There was also a chance to see a photographic exhibition of the making of our ZEBRA  “Zebra Crossing” from the bare white cast through to the finished product displayed in the summer sunshine at Town Quay Park.  Members of the Flagship Art Club ran workshops for visitors to produce decorated cards and envelopes using marbling oils. People from Launch pad came along to try out these techniques.


The Zebra Café, run by Will and Michelle Wheeler, did a brisk trade in home made cakes and hot drinks. Thanks to everyone who baked for us. Kate O’Connell ran a wonderful art market selling a range of affordable but unique artistic gifts ranging from felted soaps to knitted scarves and fused glass bowls, the work of six local artists.


The Flagship Art Club entered Marwell Wildlife’s Design a Zany Zebra competition in 2016. This was to create a design that could be transferred to a life size zebra model and all the zebras will be exhibited in public places around Southampton City Centre – you may remember the Rhino competition from a few years ago.

Flagship Art Club members were delighted that one of our designs was accepted. Members painted their zebra in April (a big model and a small one) and the zebras were placed at Marwell and in Southampton from July 16 to September 25. This is a huge achievement for the Club members and hopefully gave us lots of publicity.

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