Our Services


Our services are open to anyone with a learning disability who lives in the borough of Eastleigh or in Romsey.

Our constitution limits the offer of our services to people with learning disabilities living in this geographical area. Much of our funding is raised locally for the benefit of local people with learning disabilities.


Active Citizens

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Chill Out Club

The Chill Out Club is a membership club for adults with a learning disability who want to meet up with their friends in the evening. It is not a drop-in.


Eastleigh Hot Shots (Basket Ball Club)

Eastleigh Hot Shots basket ball club provides regular physical exercise, competitive opportunities, personal challenges and fun for a group of adults with learning disabilities through basketball.


Flagship Art Club

Our Art Club in West End started at the end of January 2015. The Club is for people who have a real interest in art and in improving their skills. Club members are expected to focus on the artistic tasks that the group are set by our tutor, Caroline Rackham.

The cost for the Club is £5 per session, this includes tuition, refreshments and all materials.

Please contact Michelle on 023 8048 3471 (or by email info@ebrmencap.org.uk) if you wish to attend.

All who have a serious interest in art are welcome.

Gardening Club

Our Gardening Club is for adults with learning disabilities who want to learn how to grow their own food, and those who have a real interest in or love of horticulture.



Grantham Green Growers...

...is a  new service started in July 2017 following the transformation of the site over the previous eight months. People with learning disabilities who enjoy gardening will be working on maintaining the shrubs at Grantham Green every two weeks or so, throughout the year.



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