Chill Out Club

The Chill Out Club is a membership club for adults with a learning disability who have said they want to meet up with their friends in the evening. It is not a drop-in.


If you would like to know more about the Club please call us first. We cannot support unknown people who arrive at a Club night unannounced. We currently have a waiting list for both groups.

The COC continues to be a great place to meet friends. The two groups, A and B, meet on alternate Mondays in a town centre pub. Members spend time chatting to friends, some people dance or play pool.



Our pub venue is now offering food again on a Monday night! The menu offers delicious choices. Veggie dishes are £8+, Meat dishes £9+.


The two groups meet up for the Christmas party but otherwise are quite separate. Group A is a slightly older age group and most people there are part of Launch Pad day service. Some members use the Chill Out Club transport to and from their homes.

People in group B are younger and the majority live in supported living settings, some people attend with a support worker and they socialise in small friendship groups.

The Club is run by Eastleigh Borough and Romsey MENCAP Society staff, and supported by volunteers. 

The Club Co-ordinator is supported by two Club Helpers.

Club subs are £3.00 and you need to bring money to buy drinks.


You MUST contact us for membership to attend. The club is for members only; to find out more please contact us on 07799 370043 or email


Our services are open to anyone with a learning disability who lives in the borough of Eastleigh or in Romsey.

Our constitution limits the offer of our services to people with learning disabilities living in this geographical area. Much of our funding is raised locally for the benefit of local people with learning disabilities.


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Registered Charity Number 263620 Affiliated to Royal MENCAP Society Phone: 07799 370043 Email: