Our aim is to protect and enhance the lives of people with learning disabilities living in the Borough of Eastleigh, and in Romsey. We offer our support services through clubs and groups, which encourage adults with learning disabilities to follow their own interests, continue learning and to be both physically and mentally active, ensuring a positive contribution to their overall wellbeing. For further information on our clubs and groups, head to 'Our Services'.


We work closely with the local community to promote inclusion, diversity and representation for people with learning disabilities in local plans and projects. Our vision is a future where people with learning disabilities are valued and included at a local and national level.


Some of our past projects have included consulting on the transformation of Grantham Green in Eastleigh and the development of the Safer Places scheme, which was so successful it was replicated in other towns across the UK. We work closely with local authorities, learning disability partnerships and other charities, collaborating on opportunities and best practice for the people we support.


Contact us for more information about how you can benefit from working with us.

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Registered Charity Number 263620 Affiliated to Royal MENCAP Society Phone: 07799 370043 Email: info@ebrmencap.org.uk