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EBRM was started in 1972 and is currently managed by a group of 11 trustees, four of whom have learning disabilities. There are four paid staff, who are employed on a part time basis, and two consultants who take art and basketball respectively. The objective is to grow the level of activity beyond pre Covid levels by increasing the numbers of people who can access our clubs and to expand the range of activities.

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What We Do

EBRM has developed a range of services over the past 15 years which offer people the opportunity to meet with others and to participate in a whole variety of different activities throughout the week, at the weekend and in the evenings. These regular activities include an evening social club in a town centre pub, a citizenship group that is involved in community life through representation on local committees amongst other things, an art club, a gardening club which operates twice a week, a walking group, a basketball club, and a social club which meets on the first Wednesday of every month.

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