Chill Out Club

What Is Chill Out Club?

The Chill Out Club is a weekly leisure club and is split into two groups of roughly 25 each. It is held at the Good Companions pub in Eastleigh, and members attend for 2 hours once per fortnight to spend time with other members who are all known to each other.

This club provides people with the opportunity to socialise and enjoy a night out in a safe and friendly environment, helping to increase their confidence and skills needed to venture out and enjoy their local communities.

The club is supported by a Club Co-ordinator and Club Helper, who facilitate the smooth running of the club, ensuring that all attendees are settled and participating in a way that is meaningful for them. 

If you’d like to join us, please contact us via email or call 07592 122405.

Ways To Get Involved

If you would like to come to the Chill Out Club please contact us via email or call 07518 617249

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